Month: October 2020

A 2020 Update

It is October 2020, a long time between updates and I apologise for that. What a confusing time we have all been through! I feel like writing a summary of the year already, in the vain hope that it may bring on December sooner. My experience of 2020 so far..

Everything was going well until March, that was when the calendar cleared out and the phone went silent. I busied myself with projects around the house which included construction of a small garage dark-room. It’s ok, needs a bit of work to completely black out though and it’s already on the backburner now.

I’ve been rewiring and restoring some old film lights. Shooting video is a service I have provided for my clients a few times over the years. While I haven’t been chasing that kind of work specifically, it has been fun to dabble in. Up until now I have been restricted to ambient lighting only, and I hope to have a few more tools in the kit for the next video shoot. Nothing can quite replace the light from a tungsten fresnel, and some of these have been sourced from the famous Culver Studios in LA.

Another way I have been adapting to the slowing market through Covid is by helping friends and family to sell their cars. My iconic and beloved Suzuki van has been moved on and replaced with an old BMW. I’ve spent more time under it than actually driving it but I hope to change that soon.

The phone is starting to ring again, and I have had additional shoots here and there with Matt Hsu and Owen Smith that I’ve been itching to share with you. I will update the site now with some fresh photos. As always, make sure you click through for the full galleries!

This year has been frustrating and painful for a lot of us, but living in Queensland has admittedly made it easier. I really feel for all of my Melbourne friends in lock down, and if you’re reading this, stay strong and stay healthy and we’ll get through this. Love and miss you all!

PS. My wife Shannon and I will have some exciting news to share in the coming days, stay tuned!